We are committed to integrated viticulture which respects our environment. Integrated viticulture practices include:

  • No anti-rot treatments or insecticides
  • No use of enzymes
  • No fining
  • No acids or soda used to clean the tanks
  • Minimal bisulfates
  • Use of pheromones against grape worms
  • Organic fertilisers and soil conditioners
  • Elimination of anti-botrytis treatments since 2000

Forget-Brimont’s little extras:

  • We include Grand Cru grapes in our Premier Cru champagnes
  • We only use cuvées – the first and best juice that flows from the press when we make our champagne; the taille, the coarser later juice which flows from the press, is sold.
  • Our ageing process exceeds the Champagne Appellation requirements
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